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Picture her

Picture her
Internationally renowned painter Victor (Gustav Koenigs / Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen), who's considered enfant terrible and critic's darling alike, returns to his hometown for a TV interview. The tough journalist's merciless questions force him to face the demons of his past. Not long ago Victor, whose paintings are now commanding top prices, could hardly afford to buy a canvas and paint. His breakthrough was partly due to a formative love affair with a successful business woman, who became his muse and at the same time his nightmare. 'Picture her' is a movie about the ugly face of a love that ties two human beings to each other for life even if they can give each other nothing but pain.  
Also featuring:
Gustav Koenigs | Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen | Sylta Fee Wegmann | Holger Handtke | Marion Kracht | Axel Schrick | Manuel Cortez | Sarah Alles | Marius Hubel | Theresa Sophie Albert | Maximilian Claus | Eugen Bauder
Produced by: Horris FILM
Director: Florian Anders (Horris)
Director of Photography: Oliver Köppel
Production Designer: Daria Kornysheva
Shot on: RED EPIC
Status: coming to cinemas 2016