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Promised hateless life

Promised hateless life
When Celebrity News reporter Sophia Morris (Miriam Anna Schroetter) arrives in Berlin to do an interview with a famous fashion designer, she has everything - she's engaged to a wonderful man and her career is just about to take off. But the interview turns out to be a tougher job than anyone could have thought and Sophia starts to loose herself in Berlin's art subculture, drugs and a new love affair. Sophia's view on the world and on herself gets shattered and for the first time she's confronted with one of the most difficult questions in life - who am I? Promised Hateless Life is a movie about self-discovery, prejudice and the bigger picture.  
Also featuring:
Miriam Anna Schroetter | Anna Heidegger | Florian Fitz | Carrie Getman | Marie Scherzer | Elizabet Bezgrebelnaya | Norman Buths | Vanessa Patrichi | Tobias Schulze | Isabella Vinet | Chiron Krase | Hubert Burzcek
Produced by: Horris FILM
Director: Florian Anders (Horris)
Director of Photography: Christian Huck
Production Designer: Rhea Schmid
Shot with: ARRI Alexa XT
Status: coming to cinemas 2016